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Talley, Ronda C. - Cancer Caregiving in the United States, ebook

Cancer Caregiving in the United States

Talley, Ronda C.


Caring for a Loved One with Cancer: Professional and Family Issues
Ruth McCorkle, Ronda C. Talley, Walter Baile
2. Diagnostic Issues: Family Dynamics and Caregiving for an Individual with Cancer
Diana J. Wilkie, Stuart J. Farber
3. The Emotional Responses

Brdar, Ingrid - The Human Pursuit of Well-Being, ebook

The Human Pursuit of Well-Being

Brdar, Ingrid


Table of contents
1. Can We Get Happier Than We Are?
Ruut Veenhoven
2. Self-serving Attributional Bias and Hedonic and Eudaimonic Aspects of Well-Being
Pilar Sanjuán, Alejandro Magallares, Rodolfo Gordillo
3. Affect Specificity as Indicators of National Well-Being: Representative Sample of Croatia

Livneh, Hanoch - Coping with Chronic Illness and Disability, ebook

Coping with Chronic Illness and Disability

Livneh, Hanoch


Coping with Burn Injury: Research Summary and a New Model of~the~Influence of Coping on Psychological Complications
James A. Fauerbach, Melissa G. Bresnick, Michael T. Smith
10. Coping with Cancer: Findings of Research

Tercyak, Kenneth P. - Handbook of Genomics and the Family, ebook

Handbook of Genomics and the Family

Tercyak, Kenneth P.


Informed Consent and the Protection of Human Subjects in Genomic Research with Children and Families
John G. Twomey
20. Ethical, Legal and Social Issues in the Genetic Testing of Minors
Bernice S. Elger
21. Guidelines and Policies on Genetic Testing

Bowen, Deborah J. - Handbook of Health Decision Science, ebook

Handbook of Health Decision Science

Bowen, Deborah J.


Cognitive Mechanisms and Common-Sense Management of Cancer Risk: Do Patients Make Decisions?
Howard Leventhal, Jessica S. Yu, Elaine A. Leventhal, Susan M. Bodnar-Deren
8. The Influence of Affect on Health Decisions
Ellen Peters, Louise Meilleur

Cooper, Cary L. - From Stress to Wellbeing Volume 1, ebook

From Stress to Wellbeing Volume 1

Cooper, Cary L.


Psychosocial Stress and Breast Cancer: The Inter-relationship between Stress Events, Coping Strategies and Personality
Cary L. Cooper, E. Brian Faragher
8. Psychosocial Factors and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Suzan Lewis, Cary L. Cooper, Derrick Bennett

Batthyány, Alexander - Logotherapy and Existential Analysis, ebook

Logotherapy and Existential Analysis

Batthyány, Alexander


The State of Empirical Research on Logotherapy and Existential Analysis
Michael Thir, Alexander Batthyány
8. The Structural Validity and Internal Consistency of a Spanish Version of the Purpose in Life Test
Joaquín García-Alandete, Eva Rosa Martínez,