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Mangone, Emiliana - Social and Cultural Dynamics, ebook

Social and Cultural Dynamics

Mangone, Emiliana


Table of contents
1. Prologue: The Reasons for a Choice
Emiliana Mangone
2. The Boundaries of Sociology and Its Relation to Other Sciences
Emiliana Mangone
3. Integral Theory of Knowledge
Emiliana Mangone
4. The Society and Its Paradoxes
Emiliana Mangone
5. The Cultural System and the Social

Heaton, John M. - The Talking Cure, ebook

The Talking Cure

Heaton, John M.


Table of contents
1. The Problem
John M. Heaton
2. Fearless Speech
John M. Heaton
3. Talking versus Writing
John M. Heaton
4. The Critical Method
John M. Heaton
5. Reasons and Causes
John M. Heaton
6. Elucidation
John M. Heaton
7. Back to the Rough Ground
John M. Heaton

Crozier, W. Ray - Blushing and the Social Emotions, ebook

Blushing and the Social Emotions

Crozier, W. Ray


Table of contents
I. Emotion in Social Life
1. Emotion and its Expression
W. Ray Crozier
2. Self-consciousness and Emotion
W. Ray Crozier
II. The Nature of the Blush
3. What is a Blush?
W. Ray Crozier
4. Reasons to Blush
W. Ray Crozier
5. Occasion to Blush
W. Ray Crozier

Yeung, Rob - How to Stand Out: Proven Tactics for Getting Noticed, ebook

How to Stand Out: Proven Tactics for Getting Noticed

Yeung, Rob


Win the respect you deserve
You probably already have the skills to be more fulfilled and successful. But sometimes it’s about showcasing these skills so that colleagues, customers, friends and the rest of the world can recognize what you do.
Drawing on extensive research and inspiring real-life examples, psychologist

When Sex Life Becomes Deadlock

When Sex Life Becomes Deadlock

Ahlburg, Kirsten


This book is about the most frequent reasons why the partners' sexual desire may disappear, including pregnancy, child-minding and house work, stress, a lack of intimacy, different needs and unfulfilled expectations, and offers proposals for tackling the problems and

Snelgrove, Kevin - Suicide: The Facts, ebook

Suicide: The Facts

Snelgrove, Kevin


Suicide: The Facts contains 101 points about the reasons why people might chose to take their own life, the signs to look out for and how to cope. Did you know that one in ten adolescents think about suicide? Are you aware that suicidal feelings are often treatable