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Frankish, Keith - Illusionism, ebook


Frankish, Keith


Illusionism is the view that phenomenal consciousness (in the philosophers' sense) is an illusion. This book is a reprint of a special issue of the Journal of Consciousness Studies devoted to this topic. It takes the form of a target paper by the editor,…

Johnson, George M. - Dynamic Psychology in Modernist British Fiction, ebook

Dynamic Psychology in Modernist British Fiction

Johnson, George M.


From Edwardian to Georgian Psychical Realism: Bennett, Lawrence, and Beresford
George M. Johnson
7. “The Spirit of the Age”: Virginia Woolf’s Response to Dynamic Psychology
George M. Johnson
8. Diving Deeper: Dynamic Psychology and British Literature

Hwang, Kwang-Kuo - Indigenous and Cultural Psychology, ebook

Indigenous and Cultural Psychology

Hwang, Kwang-Kuo


The Importance of Constructive Realism for the Indigenous Psychologies Approach
Fritz G. Wallner, Martin J. Jandl
4. Constructive Realism and Confucian Relationalism
Kwang-Kuo Hwang
5. From Decolonizing Psychology

Parker, Ian - Critical Discursive Psychology, ebook

Critical Discursive Psychology

Parker, Ian


Enlightenment, Realism and Power (and Their Reverse)
3. Against Postmodernism: Psychology in Cultural Context
Ian Parker
4. Against Against-ism: Comment on Parker
Fred Newman, Lois Holzman
5. Critical Distance: Reply to Newman and Holzman

Heseler, Denise - Perspektiven kritischer Psychologie und qualitativer Forschung, ebook

Perspektiven kritischer Psychologie und qualitativer Forschung

Heseler, Denise


Table of contents
Teil I. Geschichte und Gegenwart kritischer Psychologie
1. Erfolg und Elend der Psychologie. Eine Einleitung
Denise Heseler, Robin Iltzsche, Olivier Rojon, Jonas Rüppel, Tom David Uhlig
2. Zur Geschichte der Psychologie-Kritik in den kritischen Psychologien
Peter Mattes
3. Critical Psychology