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Gatchel, Robert J. - Handbook of Occupational Health and Wellness, ebook

Handbook of Occupational Health and Wellness

Gatchel, Robert J.


Conceptual Approaches to Occupational Health and Wellness: An Overview
Robert J. Gatchel, Nancy D. Kishino
2. Theories of Psychological Stress at Work
Philip J. Dewe, Michael P. O’Driscoll, Cary L. Cooper
3. The Growth of Occupational Health Psychology

Bowen, Deborah J. - Handbook of Health Decision Science, ebook

Handbook of Health Decision Science

Bowen, Deborah J.


What Are Values, Utilities, and Preferences? A Clarification in the Context of Decision Making in Health Care, and an Exploration of Measurement Issues
Arwen H. Pieterse, Anne M. Stiggelbout
2. Decision Architectures
Bradford W. Hesse
3. Modeling Medical

Bährer-Kohler, Sabine - Global Mental Health, ebook

Global Mental Health

Bährer-Kohler, Sabine


Introduction to the Book: Global Mental Health: Promotion and Prevention
Sabine Bährer-Kohler
2. Mental Health Priorities Around the World
Bulent Coskun
3. Access to Mental Health
Richard Uwakwe, Said Mohammed

Brown, Louis D. - Mental Health Self-Help, ebook

Mental Health Self-Help

Brown, Louis D.


Participatory Action Research and Evaluation with Mental Health Self-Help Initiatives: A Theoretical Framework
Geoffrey Nelson, Rich Janzen, Joanna Ochocka, John Trainor
4. The Contributions of Mutual Help Groups for Mental Health

Christodoulou, Jacqueline Ann - Identity, Health and Women, ebook

Identity, Health and Women

Christodoulou, Jacqueline Ann


Understanding Women’s Health: Health Perspectives
Jacqueline Ann Christodoulou
3. Identity Theory and an Interactive Health Identity
Jacqueline Ann Christodoulou
4. Feminist as Far as Possible — The Feminist

Jessor, Richard - Problem Behavior Theory and Adolescent Health, ebook

Problem Behavior Theory and Adolescent Health

Jessor, Richard


Health-Related Problem Behaviors: Drinking and Problem Drinking
2. Predicting the Initiation of Alcohol Use
Richard Jessor, Mary I. Collins, Shirley L. Jessor
3. Alcohol Use and Adolescent Development
Richard Jessor, Shirley L. Jessor
4. Adolescent

Weist, Mark D. - Handbook of School Mental Health, ebook

Handbook of School Mental Health

Weist, Mark D.


Preparing School Mental Health Professionals: Competencies in Interdisciplinary and Cross-System Collaboration
Kurt D. Michael, Seth Bernstein, Julie Sarno Owens, Abby Albright, Dawn Anderson-Butcher
4. Preservice Training for School Mental Health Clinicians

Carlo, Gustavo - Health Disparities in Youth and Families, ebook

Health Disparities in Youth and Families

Carlo, Gustavo


Understanding Ethnic/Racial Health Disparities in Youth and Families in the US
Gustavo Carlo, Lisa J. Crockett, Miguel A. Carranza, Miriam M. Martinez
2. The Face of the Future: Risk and Resilience in Minority Youth
Ana Mari Cauce, Rick Cruz, Marissa Corona,