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Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly - Creativity and Development, ebook

Creativity and Development

Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly


Emergence in Creativity and Development, R. Keith Sawyer 2. Creativity in the Making: Vygotsky's Contemporary Contribution to the Dialectic of Development and Creativity, Seana Moran and Vera John-Steiner 3. The Development

Kisilevsky, Barbara S. - Fetal Development, ebook

Fetal Development

Kisilevsky, Barbara S.


Brain-Behavior Development: Animal Models
1. Using an Animal Model to Explore the Prenatal Origins of Social Development
Robert Lickliter, Lorraine E. Bahrick
2. Fetal and Birth Experiences: Proximate Effects, Developmental Consequences, Epigenetic Legacies

McLean, Kate C. - Narrative Development in Adolescence, ebook

Narrative Development in Adolescence

McLean, Kate C.


What He Said to Me Stuck: Adolescents’ Narratives of Grandparents and Their Identity Development in Emerging Adulthood
Michael W. Pratt, Joan E. Norris, Heather Lawford, Mary Louise Arnold
6. Life Stories of Troubled Youth: Meanings for a Mentor and a Scholarly