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Kessler, Rodger - Collaborative Medicine Case Studies, ebook

Collaborative Medicine Case Studies

Kessler, Rodger


Managing Chronic Pain Through Collaborative Care: Two Patients, Two Programs, Two Dramatically Different Outcomes
Barbara B. Walker, Peter A. Brawer, Andrea C. Solomon, Steven J. Seay
7. Integrating Mental Health Services into Primary Care: The Hamilton FHT

Wachter, Martin - Chronische Schmerzen, ebook

Chronische Schmerzen

Wachter, Martin


Table of contents
1. Einleitung
Martin Wachter
2. Entstehung chronischer Schmerzen
Martin Wachter
3. Unterschiedliche Schmerzerkrankungen
Martin Wachter
4. Behandlung chronischer Schmerzen
Martin Wachter

Molinari, Enrico - Psicologia clinica del dolore, ebook

Psicologia clinica del dolore

Molinari, Enrico


Table of contents
1. Introduzione
Mauro Ercolani
It. Parte I Conoscere il dolore
2. Il concetto di dolore: definizioni, contesti di interesse e modelli teorici
Stefano Cugno, Valentina Forni, Daniele Rovaris, Paola Cuzziol, Enrico Molinari,…

Koh, Kyung Bong - Somatization and Psychosomatic Symptoms, ebook

Somatization and Psychosomatic Symptoms

Koh, Kyung Bong


Genes, Memes, Culture, and Psychosomatic Medicine: An Integrative Model
Hoyle Leigh
4. Alexithymia and Somatic Symptoms
Gen Komaki
5. Culture and Somatic Symptoms: Hwa-byung, a Culture-Related Anger Syndrome
Sung Kil Min
6. Molecular Mechanism

Jongsma, Arthur E. - The Addiction Treatment Planner, ebook

The Addiction Treatment Planner

Jongsma, Arthur E.


This Third Edition includes new language for evidence-based care that fits mandates set forth by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), which are being adopted by most state accrediting bodies New chapters cover chronic pain,

James, Larry - The Primary Care Toolkit, ebook

The Primary Care Toolkit

James, Larry


The Primary Care Consultant Toolkit: Tools for Behavioral Medicine Training for PCPs in Integrated Care
Jason Satterfield, Simone K. Madan
10. Quality Improvement in the Integrated Health Care Setting
Ranilo Laygo, Rachelle Sorci
11. Behavioral Screening