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Farrington-Flint, Lee - Learning and the E-Generation, ebook

Learning and the E-Generation

Farrington-Flint, Lee


Learning and the E-Generation examines the impact of new and emerging digital technologies—from computers and tablets to social media and video games—on learners in formal and informal settings.Assesses the psychological factors at play, including social, cognitive, and behavioral

Hawkins, Jennifer A. - Feelings and Emotion-Based Learning, ebook

Feelings and Emotion-Based Learning

Hawkins, Jennifer A.


Table of contents
1. Learning Theories and Relevance
Jennifer A. Hawkins
2. Towards a Feelings Learning Theory
Jennifer A. Hawkins
3. Mentoring Research Stories: Teachers’ Stories
Jennifer A. Hawkins
4. Teaching Research: School Refusers’ Stories
Jennifer A. Hawkins

Martini, Mary I. - Learning in Cultural Context, ebook

Learning in Cultural Context

Martini, Mary I.


Cultural Practices and Ways of Learning in Informal Settings
2. Sociocultural Contexts of Learning
Mary Gauvain
3. Sustainability of Daily Routines as a Family Outcome
Thomas S. Weisner, Catherine Matheson, Jennifer Coots, Lucinda P. Bernheimer

Desforges, Charles - Teaching and Learning: The Essential Readings, ebook

Teaching and Learning: The Essential Readings

Desforges, Charles


This is the first collection of key articles on the psychology behind educational attainment. It brings together in one volume for students a set of accessible but influential papers, representing the best classic and cutting edge work in the field.

Alcorn, Marshall Wise - Resistance to Learning, ebook

Resistance to Learning

Alcorn, Marshall Wise


Table of contents
1. The Emotional Demands of Information Assimilation
Marshall Wise Alcorn
2. The Psychology and Biology of the Desire not to Know
Marshall Wise Alcorn
3. Symptomatic Fixation, Emotion, and Social Alliance