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Ataria, Yochai - The Structural Trauma of Western Culture, ebook

The Structural Trauma of Western Culture

Ataria, Yochai


Table of contents
1. The Sources of Western Trauma: From the Akeda of Isaac to Kafka
Yochai Ataria
2. Toward Post-Humanity: A Literary Consideration
Yochai Ataria
3. A Serious Man
Yochai Ataria
4. The Crisis of Manhood
Yochai Ataria
5. The New God of Anarchy
Yochai Ataria
6. The Body

Davies, James - The Sedated Society, ebook

The Sedated Society

Davies, James


Starting Young: Children Cultured into Becoming Psycho-Pharmaceutical Consumers—The Example of Childhood Depression
Sami Timimi
4. Opium and the People: The Prescription Psychopharmaceutical Epidemic in Historical Context
Joanna Moncrieff
5. Desperate

Armon, Brigitte K. - Critical Issues in Cross Cultural Management, ebook

Critical Issues in Cross Cultural Management

Armon, Brigitte K.


Table of contents
1. #TeamLeadership: Leadership for Today’s Multicultural, Virtual, and Distributed Teams
Marissa L. Shuffler, William S. Kramer, C. Shawn Burke
2. Globally Intelligent Leadership: Toward an Integration of Competencies
Julianna Fischer, Jessica L. Wildman
3. Considerations and Best Practices