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Riccio, Cynthia A. - Pediatric Neurotoxicology, ebook

Pediatric Neurotoxicology

Riccio, Cynthia A.


Table of contents
1. Neurotoxins and Neurodevelopment
Cynthia A. Riccio, Morgan B. Drake, Jeremy R. Sullivan
2. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: Academic and Psychosocial Outcomes
Leila Glass, Sarah N. Mattson
3. In Utero Exposure to Nicotine, Cocaine, and Amphetamines
Lynn T. Singer, Meeyoung O. Min,

McFarland, David - The Complex Mind, ebook

The Complex Mind

McFarland, David


How to Qualify for a Cognitive Upgrade: Executive Control, Glass Ceilings and the Limits of Simian Success
Andy Clark
11. Private Codes and Public Structures
Colin Allen
12. The Emergence of Complex Language
Wolfram Hinzen
13. Language Evolution:

Furnham, Adrian - Management Intelligence, ebook

Management Intelligence

Furnham, Adrian


Table of contents
1. Introduction – Intelligence at Work
Adrian Furnham
2. Affirmative Shopping
Adrian Furnham
3. All Chiefs Now
Adrian Furnham
4. Anti-Commercialism
Adrian Furnham
5. The Art and Science of Haggling
Adrian Furnham
6. Asking Simple Questions
Adrian Furnham

Burke, Adam - Handbook of Mindfulness, ebook

Handbook of Mindfulness

Burke, Adam


Through a Glass Darkly: The Neglect of Ethical and Educational Elements in Mindfulness-Based Interventions
Terry Hyland
26. Education as the Practice of Freedom: A Social Justice Proposal for Mindfulness Educators
Jennifer Cannon
27. The Curriculum