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Seginer, Rachel - Future Orientation, ebook

Future Orientation

Seginer, Rachel


The Evolvement of Future Orientation: Infancy Through Middle Childhood
Rachel Seginer
4. Future Orientation in Personality Contexts
Rachel Seginer
5. Future Orientation Sex Differences
Rachel Seginer
6. The Effect of Parenting on Future Orientation

Murray, A. Simon - Future Directions in Well-Being, ebook

Future Directions in Well-Being

Murray, A. Simon


Impact of Activity: Future Directions of Positive Education
Mathew A. White
6. Theology and Psychology in Conversation
Ellen T. Charry
7. Positive Psychology, a New Interpretative Lens for Scripture
Theodore McCall
8. The Tao of Leadership

Miller, Gustavus - The Dream Dictionary, ebook

The Dream Dictionary

Miller, Gustavus


Have you ever wondered what your dreams may mean? This excellent ebook might just help you find out! Written by Gustavus Miller, the book aims to interpret your dreams, and let you know what the future may hold for you. From Accordions to Zebras, this dream dictionary has individual accounts

Collard, Patrizia - Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy For Dummies, ebook

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy For Dummies

Collard, Patrizia

From 22,45€

Provides a solid foundation for positive mental health The downloadable audio files contain guided meditations, a core feature of the MBCT program MBCT works as an excellent supplement to therapy and may reduce the need for medication
If you suffer from depression, anxiety, insomnia, or a host of