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Avissar, Nissim - Psychotherapy, Society, and Politics, ebook

Psychotherapy, Society, and Politics

Avissar, Nissim


Table of contents
Part I. Theory
1. Politics–Not What You Had in Mind!
Nissim Avissar
2. Psychotherapy’s Forgotten Political Narrative
Nissim Avissar
3. The Return of the Political to the Discourse of Therapy
Nissim Avissar
4. Psychotherapy—Between the Personal and the Political

Bloom, Martin - Social Capital and Community Well-Being, ebook

Social Capital and Community Well-Being

Bloom, Martin


Table of contents
1. The Role of Social Capital to American Democracy and the Creation of Serve Here CT
Alva G. Greenberg, Thomas P. Gullotta, Martin Bloom, Kevin Graff
2. Millennials and Social Capital: Explorations in Re-inventing the American…

Friedman, Jack R. - Political Sentiments and Social Movements, ebook

Political Sentiments and Social Movements

Friedman, Jack R.


Sensory Politics and War: Affective Anchoring and Vitality in Nigeria and Kuwait
Conerly Casey
7. The Ungendered Self: Sex Reassignment, the Third Gender, and Gender Fluidity in India
Katherine Pratt Ewing, Baishakhi Banerjee Taylor
Part II. Becoming

Landis, Dan - Handbook of Ethnic Conflict, ebook

Handbook of Ethnic Conflict

Landis, Dan


Ethnocultural Conflict in Uganda: Politics Based on Ethnic Divisions Inflame Tensions Across the Country
Grace M. Kibanja, Mayanja M. Kajumba, Laura R. Johnson
17. Ethnocultural Conflict in Spain: Moroccans in Spain – So Near, Yet So Far. A Long History of

Jones, David W. - Emotion, ebook


Jones, David W.


Table of contents
1. Introducing Psychosocial Studies of Emotion
Shelley Day Sclater, Candida Yates, Heather Price, David W. Jones
Part I. A Psychosocial Approach to Emotion
2. The Missing Dimension: Emotions in the Social Sciences
Michael Rustin
3. Representation, Affect and the Theory of the Subject