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Katz, Martin M. - Clinical Trials of Antidepressants, ebook

Clinical Trials of Antidepressants

Katz, Martin M.


Why Now the Need for a New Clinical Trials Model for Antidepressants?
Martin M. Katz
3. Reconceptualizing Depression, and the Current Scene on Dimensionality and the RDoC
Martin M. Katz
4. Aims and Basic Requirements of Clinical Trials:

Moncrieff, Joanna - The Bitterest Pills, ebook

The Bitterest Pills

Moncrieff, Joanna


Looking Where the Light is: Randomised Controlled Trials of Antipsychotics
Joanna Moncrieff
7. The Patient’s Dilemma: Other Evidence on the Effects of Antipsychotics
Joanna Moncrieff
8. Chemical Cosh: Antipsychotics and Chemical Restraint

Pequegnat, Willo - Community Interventions and AIDS, ebook

Community Interventions and AIDS

Pequegnat, Willo


The Tyranny of Clinical Trials: Alternative Designs for Assessing Individual and Community Level Impact, Bruce Rapkin and Edison J. Trickett 12. Toward the Next Generation of AIDS Interventions with Community Impact, Willo Pequegnat

Steptoe, A. - Handbook of Behavioral Medicine, ebook

Handbook of Behavioral Medicine

Steptoe, A.


Methodological Issues in Randomized Controlled Trials for the Treatment of Psychiatric Comorbidity in Medical Illness
David C. Mohr, Sarah W. Kinsinger, Jenna Duffecy
61. Quality of Life in Light of Appraisal and Response Shift
Sara Ahmed, Carolyn Schwartz