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Coghlan, Patrick - Just as You are, ebook

Just as You are

Coghlan, Patrick


Just as You are is a Bible based personal resource which examines a selection of the parables of Jesus, from Luke’s Gospel; looking at what it means to be loved unconditionally, valued for who we are, accepted and part of God’s eternal plan. Just as You are is an interactive resource,

Aleksander, Igor - The World in My Mind, My Mind in the World, ebook

The World in My Mind, My Mind in the World

Aleksander, Igor


The book also tackles the larger topics of free will, choice, God, Freud (what is 'the unconscious'?), inherited traits and individuality, while exploding the myths and misinformation of many earlier mind-hijackers. He shares the journey towards building a new model

Sangren, P. Steven - Filial Obsessions, ebook

Filial Obsessions

Sangren, P. Steven


Table of contents
1. Preface and Overview
P. Steven Sangren
2. Popular Religion, a Chinese Superboy, and “The Investiture of the Gods”
P. Steven Sangren
3. “Filial Piety” and Cultural Difference
P. Steven Sangren
4. Spirit Possession, Family Issues, and the Revelation of Gods’ Biographies

Rieber, Robert W. - The Bifurcation of the Self, ebook

The Bifurcation of the Self

Rieber, Robert W.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
I.A Brief History of Multiplicity
2. The Roots of Multiple Personality Disorder/Dissociative Identity Disorder
3. “Nothing but God and the Brain”
4. Prying Open the Lid
5. Looking Inside the Box, Thinking Outside the Box
II.Sybil A Case of Multiple Personalities

Ataria, Yochai - The Structural Trauma of Western Culture, ebook

The Structural Trauma of Western Culture

Ataria, Yochai


Table of contents
1. The Sources of Western Trauma: From the Akeda of Isaac to Kafka
Yochai Ataria
2. Toward Post-Humanity: A Literary Consideration
Yochai Ataria
3. A Serious Man
Yochai Ataria
4. The Crisis of Manhood
Yochai Ataria
5. The New God of Anarchy
Yochai Ataria
6. The Body