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Manzotti, Riccardo - Situated Aesthetics, ebook

Situated Aesthetics

Manzotti, Riccardo


Third, there are artists who explicitly draw inspiration out of current research on various aspects of the mind. Fourth, during the workshop, a converging methodological paradigm emerged around which more specific efforts could be encouraged.

Schultz, William Todd - Handbook of Psychobiography, ebook

Handbook of Psychobiography

Schultz, William Todd


A Psychobiograpy of Artists Chapter 9. Nothing Alive Can Be Calculated: The Psychobiographical Study of Artists, William Todd Schultz Chapter 10. Twelve Ways to Say 'Lonesome': Assessing Error and Control in the Music of Elvis

Awad, Sarah H. - Street Art of Resistance, ebook

Street Art of Resistance

Awad, Sarah H.


Artists and Social Movements
12. Representations of Resistance: Ironic Iconography in a Southern Mexican Social Movement
Jayne Howell
13. The Democratic Potential of Artistic Expression in Public Space: Street Art and Graffiti as Rebellious Acts

Sinnott, Jan D. - Identity Flexibility During Adulthood, ebook

Identity Flexibility During Adulthood

Sinnott, Jan D.


Dual Identities and the Artist: A Personal Reflection
Valerie A. Smith
20. The Sick Self: A Personal Reflection
Elizabeth Stellhorn
21. “Just When I Knew All of Life’s Answers, They Changed the Questions”: A Eudaimonist Perspective on Identity