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Küppers, Günter - Simulation, ebook


Küppers, Günter


Computer Simulation: Practice, Epistemology, and Social Dynamics
Günter KÜppers
2. The Shape of Molecules to Come
Ann Johnson
3. From Representation to Production: Parsers and Parsing in Language Technology
Tarja Knuuttila
4. Foundations for

Dignum, Virginia - Perspectives on Culture and Agent-based Simulations, ebook

Perspectives on Culture and Agent-based Simulations

Dignum, Virginia


Cross-Validation of Gaming Simulation and Multi-Agent Simulation
Gert Jan Hofstede, Catholijn M. Jonker, Tim Verwaart
4. Modelling Culture Through Social Activities
Rubén Fuentes-Fernández, Jorge J. Gómez-Sanz, Juan Pavón
Part II. Group and Organisation

Zenker, Frank - Bayesian Argumentation, ebook

Bayesian Argumentation

Zenker, Frank


A Bayesian Simulation Model of Group Deliberation and Polarization
Erik J. Olsson
7. Degrees of Justification, Bayes’ Rule, and Rationality
Gregor Betz
8. Argumentation with (Bounded) Rational Agents
Robert Rooij, Kris Jaegher
9. Reductio,

Magnani, Lorenzo - Model-Based Reasoning in Science and Technology, ebook

Model-Based Reasoning in Science and Technology

Magnani, Lorenzo


Table of contents
Part I. Models, Mental Models, Representations
1. Some Ways of Thinking
Barbara Tversky
2. Against Fictionalism
John Woods
3. Fear-Driven Inference: Mechanisms of Gut Overreaction
Paul Thagard, A. David Nussbaum
4. Living in the Model: The Cognitive Ecology of Time—A Comparative

Chao, Hsiang-Ke - Philosophy of Science in Practice, ebook

Philosophy of Science in Practice

Chao, Hsiang-Ke


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Hsiang-Ke Chao, Julian Reiss
Part I. Evidence in Practice
2. Single Case Causes: What Is Evidence and Why
Nancy Cartwright
3. Partial Evidence in Medicine
Otávio Bueno, Robin Neiman
4. On…

Kornblith, Hilary - Goldman and His Critics, ebook

Goldman and His Critics

Kornblith, Hilary


Critiques Alvin Goldman’s groundbreaking theories, writings, and ideas on a range of philosophical topics Features contributions from some of the most important and influential contemporary philosophers Covers Goldman’s views on epistemology—both individual and social—in addition to cognitive

Murphy, Dominic - Stich and His Critics, ebook

Stich and His Critics

Murphy, Dominic


Through a collection of original essays from leading philosophical scholars, Stich and His Critics provides a thorough assessment of the key themes in the career of philosopher Stephen Stich. Provides a collection of original essays from some…

Mascaro, Steven - Evolving Ethics, ebook

Evolving Ethics

Mascaro, Steven


This book describes the application of Artificial Life simulation to evolutionary scenarios of wide ethical interest, including the evolution of altruism, rape and abortion, providing a new meaning to “experimental philosophy”. The authors also apply evolutionary ALife techniques to