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Anscombe, G.E.M. - Faith in a Hard Ground, ebook

Faith in a Hard Ground

Anscombe, G.E.M.

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Elizabeth Anscombe’s forthright philosophy speaks directly to many religious and ethical issues of current concern.This collection of her essays forms a companion volume to the critically acclaimed Human Life, Action and Ethics, published in 2005.

Allhoff, Fritz - Physicians at War, ebook

Physicians at War

Allhoff, Fritz


The Case Against Doctor Involvement in Weapons Design and Development
Vivienne Nathanson
11. Armed Conflict and Value Conflict: Case Studies in Biological Weapons
Michael J. Selgelid
12. Ethics and the Dual-Use Dilemma in the Life Sciences

Etzioni, Amitai - Happiness is the Wrong Metric, ebook

Happiness is the Wrong Metric

Etzioni, Amitai


Pros and Cons of Autonomous Weapons Systems (with Oren Etzioni)
Amitai Etzioni
17. Robotic Care of Children, the Elderly, and the Sick (with Oren Etzioni)
Amitai Etzioni
18. Transforming the Active Orientation
Amitai Etzioni
19. Communitarian

Karawan, Ibrahim A. - Values and Violence, ebook

Values and Violence

Karawan, Ibrahim A.


Ideas as Weapons: Militant Islamist Groups in Egypt
Ibrahim Karawan
4. Female Terrorists: Martyrdom and Gender Equality
Marilyn Friedman
5. Ethnicity and Indoctrination for Violence: The Efficiency of Producing Terrorists
Frank Salter
6. The

Tollefsen, Deborah Perron - Groups as Agents, ebook

Groups as Agents

Tollefsen, Deborah Perron


Government believes that Syria has used chemical weapons on its people", or that "the NRA wants to protect the rights of gun owners". We also often ascribe legal and moral responsibility to groups. But could groups literally intend things? Is there such a thing as