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Fraser, Ian - Dialectics of the Self, ebook

Dialectics of the Self

Fraser, Ian


Charles Taylor is a philosopher concerned with morality and the nature of the identity of individuals and groups in the West. This book offers an evaluation of Taylor's conception of self, and its moral and political possibilities.

Riessen, Renée D. N. van - Man as a place of God, ebook

Man as a place of God

Riessen, Renée D. N. van


Table of contents
PART I. Explorations In Hermeneutics
1. Time, Finiteness and Infinity: The Real Theme of Levinas' Conversation with Heidegger
2. Interpreting Ourselves and Caring for Others: Levinas and Rorty
3. The Other of the Other: Levinas and Derrida on Generosity and Transcendence
PART II. Ethics, Religion,

Dilworth, Craig - Scientific Progress, ebook

Scientific Progress

Dilworth, Craig


Popper, Lakatos, And The Transcendence Of The Deductive Model
7. Kuhn, Feyerabend, And In Commensurability
8. The Gestalt Model
9. The Perspectivist Conception Of Science
10. Development of the Perspectivist Conception in the Context of the Kinetic Theory

Kelly, Michael R. - Phenomenology and the Problem of Time, ebook

Phenomenology and the Problem of Time

Kelly, Michael R.


Table of contents
Part I. Phenomenology and the Problem of Time
1. Time, Intentionality, and Immanence in Modern Idealism
Michael R. Kelly
2. The Imperfection of Immanence in Husserl’s Phenomenology
Michael R. Kelly
3. The Living-Present: Absolute Time-Consciousness and Genuine Phenomenological Immanence

Hick, John - Between Faith and Doubt, ebook

Between Faith and Doubt

Hick, John


Table of contents
1. Defining the Issue: Naturalism vs. Religion
John Hick
2. Can God’s Existence Be Proved?
John Hick
3. What Do We Mean by God?
John Hick
4. Religion without Transcendence?
John Hick
5. Religious Experience
John Hick
6. Trusting Religious Experience
John Hick