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Lopes, Dominic McIver - Four Arts of Photography: An Essay in Philosophy, ebook

Four Arts of Photography: An Essay in Philosophy

Lopes, Dominic McIver


Re-examines the history of art photography through four major photographic movements and with case studies of representative images Employs a top-down, theory to case approach, as well as a bottom-up, case to theory approach Advances a new theory regarding the nature

Crisp, Roger - History of Ethics, ebook

History of Ethics

Crisp, Roger


Structured around a thematic table of contents divided into three distinct sections, History of Ethics charts patterns in the development of ethical thought across time to highlight connections between intellectual movements. Selections range from the work of well-known

Tang, Yijie - Anthology of Philosophical and Cultural Issues, ebook

Anthology of Philosophical and Cultural Issues

Tang, Yijie


The Anti-traditionalism of the May Fourth Movement and Academic Freedom
Yijie Tang
3. On Culturally-Hinged Forces During Cultural Transitional Periods
Yijie Tang
4. Concerning Spirit and Beliefs at the Turning of the Century
Yijie Tang
5. May

Long, Ann - Making God, ebook

Making God

Long, Ann


The great teachers of the Axial Age — the Buddha, Confucius, Zoroaster, the Hebrew prophets right down to Jesus — began the making of the modern God. They re-made their inherited gods, creating a personal God in their own image. We may best celebrate them, not by clinging to their creation

Leaman, Oliver - Islamic Philosophy, ebook

Islamic Philosophy

Leaman, Oliver


This important text provides a concise and accessible introduction to the major movements, thinkers and concepts within that tradition, from the foundation of Islam to the present day.
Ever since the growth of Islam as a religious and political movement,

Bauman, Zygmunt - On Education: Conversations with Riccardo Mazzeo, ebook

On Education: Conversations with Riccardo Mazzeo

Bauman, Zygmunt


What is the role of education in a world where we no longer have a clear vision of the future and where the idea of a single, universal model of humanity seems like the residue of a bygone age? What role should educators play in a world where young people find themselves faced with deep uncertainty about their future, where