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Broome, John - Rationality Through Reasoning, ebook

Rationality Through Reasoning

Broome, John


Rationality Through Reasoning answers the question of how people are motivated to do what they believe they ought to do, built on a comprehensive account of normativity, rationality and reasoning that differs significantly from much existing philosophical

, Fabienne Peter - Rationality and Commitment, ebook

Rationality and Commitment

, Fabienne Peter


Thirteen leading philosophers and economists discuss the Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen's trenchant critique of rational choice theory, and propose their own answers to the question of how to account for the rationality of committed action. The volume concludes with a specially-written reply

Cheyne, Colin - Rationality and Reality, ebook

Rationality and Reality

Cheyne, Colin


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Colin Cheyne
2. Where Does the Burden of Theory Lie?
Gregory Currie
3. Testimony, Induction and Reasonable Belief
Colin Cheyne
4. Theory-Confirmation and History
John Worrall
5. Critical Rationalism and its Failure to Withstand Critical Scrutiny

Dowe, Phil - Reality and Rationality, ebook

Reality and Rationality

Dowe, Phil


This volume of articles (most published, some new) is a follow-up to the late Wesley C. Salmon's widely read collection Causality And Explanation (OUP 1998). It contains both published and unpublished articles, and focuses on two related areas of inquiry:…

Bek-Thomsen, Jakob - History of Economic Rationalities, ebook

History of Economic Rationalities

Bek-Thomsen, Jakob


” Changes in Economic Rationality in Early Modern Times
Catherine Secretan
3. “The Nutrition of a Commonwealth:” On Hobbes’s Economic Thought
Laurens Apeldoorn
4. Circulation of Blood and Money in Leviathan – Hobbes on the Economy of the Body

Petro, Stephen - Rationality, Virtue, and Liberation, ebook

Rationality, Virtue, and Liberation

Petro, Stephen


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Stephen Petro
2. Rethinking Rationality
Stephen Petro
3. Rationality and Dialectical Necessity
Stephen Petro
4. The Dialectical Structure of Value Judgments
Stephen Petro
5. Virtue and the Search for Intrinsic Goodness
Stephen Petro
6. Beyond Dialectical

Pearson, Olley (F.O.C.H.) - Rationality, Time, and Self, ebook

Rationality, Time, and Self

Pearson, Olley (F.O.C.H.)


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Olley (F.O.C.H.) Pearson
Part I. Indexicals and Rationality
2. Tense & Emotions
Olley (F.O.C.H.) Pearson
3. Indexicals & Actions
Olley (F.O.C.H.) Pearson
Part II. Rationality

Heikes, Deborah K. - Rationality, Representation, and Race, ebook

Rationality, Representation, and Race

Heikes, Deborah K.


Table of contents
1. What’s the Problem?
Deborah K. Heikes
2. Representation and Racism
Deborah K. Heikes
3. Philosophy’s Outward Turn
Deborah K. Heikes
4. The Origin of Mind
Deborah K. Heikes
5. The Promise of Virtue

Townley, Barbara - Reason's Neglect : Rationality and Organizing, ebook

Reason's Neglect : Rationality and Organizing

Townley, Barbara


Yet the 'rationalization' of working processes, or the 'rationality' studied in social sciences, is all too often, used, understood, and interpreted in an extremely narrow sense. This book sets out to rectify this neglect. - ;Reason, and the need to Be Rational, are

Gigerenzer, Gerd - Rationality for Mortals : How People Cope with Uncertainty, ebook

Rationality for Mortals : How People Cope with Uncertainty

Gigerenzer, Gerd


Gerd Gigerenzer's influential work examines the rationality of individuals not from the perspective of logic or probability, but from the point of view of adaptation to the real world of human behavior and interaction with the environment. Seen from this perspective, human behavior is more