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Fonfara, Dirk - Interdisziplinäre perspektiven der phänomenologie, ebook

Interdisziplinäre perspektiven der phänomenologie

Fonfara, Dirk


Table of contents
1. Monade, Dyade und Triade. Intersubjektivität und Ethik interdisziplinär
Thomas Bedorf
2. Anschluss verpasst? Husserls Phänomenologie und die Systemtheorie Luhmanns
Christian Bermes
3. Zur Phänomenologie von Trieb und Lust bei Husserl
Rudolf Bernet
4. Die phänomenologische

Howells, Christina - Mortal Subjects, ebook

Mortal Subjects

Howells, Christina


From Aristotle through to contemporary analytic philosophy and neuroscience the relationship between mind and body (psyche and soma, consciousness and brain) has been persistently recalcitrant to analysis, and emotion (or passion) is the locus where the

, Schofield, Malcolm - Plato : Political Philosophy, ebook

Plato : Political Philosophy

, Schofield, Malcolm


Schofield discusses Plato's ideas on education, democracy and its shortcomings, the role of knowledge in government, utopia and the idea of community, money and its grip on the psyche, and ideological uses of religion. - ;The Founders of Modern Political and Social