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Parsons, Glenn - The Philosophy of Design, ebook

The Philosophy of Design

Parsons, Glenn


The Philosophy of Design is an introduction to the fundamental philosophical issues raised by the contemporary practice of design. The first book to systematically examine design from the perspective of contemporary

Oosterlaken, Ilse - The Capability Approach, Technology and Design, ebook

The Capability Approach, Technology and Design

Oosterlaken, Ilse


The Capability Approach, Technology and Design: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead
Ilse Oosterlaken
2. Human Capabilities and Technology
Jeroen Hoven
3. Liberation from/Liberation within: Examining One Laptop per Child with Amartya Sen and Bruno Latour

Franssen, Maarten - Artefact Kinds, ebook

Artefact Kinds

Franssen, Maarten


On What Is Made: Instruments, Products and Natural Kinds of Artefacts
Wybo Houkes, Pieter E. Vermaas
11. Artefactual Systems, Missing Components and Replaceability
Nicola Guarino
12. Engineering Differences Between Natural, Social, and Artificial Kinds

Rivera, Nelson - The Earth Is Our Home, ebook

The Earth Is Our Home

Rivera, Nelson


This book demonstrates that Mary Midgley's philosophy of evolution points the way towards considering the earth as our only true home, since we are products of this planet and its evolving and complex life along with every other organism. From the knowledge of ourselves as knowing animals