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Reader, Simon - The Ethics of Choosing Children, ebook

The Ethics of Choosing Children

Reader, Simon


Table of contents
1. Bioethical Burdens of Proof
Simon Reader
2. Gift and Beneficence
Simon Reader
3. Creation Lottery and Mother Trouble
Simon Reader
4. The Maternal Gift of Life
Simon Reader
5. Natality and Generations
Simon Reader

Bar-Am, Nimrod - Extensionalism, ebook


Bar-Am, Nimrod


The Mother of All Conflations: Parmenides' Proof
3. Early Disagreements Concerning the Power of Proofs: The Uses and Misuses of Dialogues
4. The Sophists' Challenge
III. Aristotle's Logic: The Rise of Essentialism
5. The Beginning is the Term
6. Chimera

Hoult, Elizabeth Chapman - Adult Learning and la Recherche Féminine, ebook

Adult Learning and la Recherche Féminine

Hoult, Elizabeth Chapman


Table of contents
1. Ecdysis
Elizabeth Chapman Hoult
2. Pygmalion
Elizabeth Chapman Hoult
3. Educating Rita and Oleanna
Elizabeth Chapman Hoult
4. The Winter’s Tale
Elizabeth Chapman Hoult
5. Joe
Elizabeth Chapman Hoult
6. Jane
Elizabeth Chapman Hoult
7. Sarah

Bucar, Elizabeth M. - Religious Ethics in a Time of Globalism, ebook

Religious Ethics in a Time of Globalism

Bucar, Elizabeth M.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Third Wave of Comparative Religious Ethics
Elizabeth M. Bucar, Aaron Stalnaker
2. Ethical Formation and Ordinary Life in the Modern West: The Case of Work
Thomas A. Lewis
3. Bodies at the Margins: The Comparative Case of Transsexuality
Elizabeth M. Bucar
4. Engendering

Werhane, Patricia - Leadership, Gender, and Organization, ebook

Leadership, Gender, and Organization

Werhane, Patricia


Not Your Mother’s Women’s Movement: Women and Leadership in the Twenty-First Century
Mary Hartman
3. Ways Women Lead
Judy B. Rosener
4. Women Leaders in a Globalized World
Patricia H. Werhane
5. Systemic Leadership: Ethical and Effective

Green, Karen - Virtue Ethics for Women 1250-1500, ebook

Virtue Ethics for Women 1250-1500

Green, Karen


Like Mother Like Daughter: Moral and Literary Virtues in French Renaissance Women’s Writings
Catherine M. Müller
12. Joanna of Castile’s Entry into Brussels: Viragos, Wise and Virtuous Women
Anne-Marie Legaré

Eberl, Jason T. - Contemporary Controversies in Catholic Bioethics, ebook

Contemporary Controversies in Catholic Bioethics

Eberl, Jason T.


Saving the Savable Mother: Why the Physician Is Not Culpable of (Morally) Directly Killing
William F. Murphy, Martin Rhonheimer
9. Moral Methodology in Maternal-Fetal Conflicts
Benedict M. Guevin
10. Is It Ethically Permissible to Separate Conjoined