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Düwell, Marcus - The Contingent Nature of Life, ebook

The Contingent Nature of Life

Düwell, Marcus


Finite Lives and Unlimited Medical Aspirations
Daniel Callahan
15. Reproductive Choice: Whose Rights? Whose Freedom?
Brenda Almond
16. Assisted Reproduction and the Changing of the Human Body
Maurizio Mori

Agutter, Paul S. - Thinking about Life, ebook

Thinking about Life

Agutter, Paul S.


Table of contents
1. What is Science?
2. Culture, Technology and Knowledge
3. Classical Roots
4. Mediaeval Views of the World
5. The Scientific Revolution
6. The ‘Scientific Revolution’ in Biology
7. Aristotle's Biology
8. How Different Are Organisms from Inanimate Objects?
9. Cell Theory and Experimental

Quevedo, E. Carolina - Creating a Kick Ass Attitude, ebook

Creating a Kick Ass Attitude

Quevedo, E. Carolina


Would you like to know how to develop a more positive attitude? Do you want to learn how to lead a happier life and fulfil your potential? Would you like to know what is stopping you from achieving your personal and professional goals? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Creating

Rudebusch, George - Socrates, ebook


Rudebusch, George


Socrates presents a compelling case for some life-changing conclusions that follow from a close reading of Socrates' arguments. Offers a highly original study of Socrates and his thought, accessible to contemporary readersArgues that through studying

IP, King-Tak - The Bioethics of Regenerative Medicine, ebook

The Bioethics of Regenerative Medicine

IP, King-Tak


Radical Disagreements of Chinese Views on Fetal Life and Implications for Bioethics1
Nie Jing-Bao
Part III. A Human Embryonic Stem-Cell Research: The Geography of Persistent Disagreement
6. Using and Misusing Embryos: The Ethical Debates

Kohn, Marek - Trust : Self-interest and the common good, ebook

Trust : Self-interest and the common good

Kohn, Marek


Trust lies at the heart of our relationships, our society and our everyday lives. From fascinating puzzles about the biological origins of trust, to the wider social and political implications of trust in human society, this short but thought-provoking book explores how trust works, what

Dolezal, Luna - New Feminist Perspectives on Embodiment, ebook

New Feminist Perspectives on Embodiment

Dolezal, Luna


The Normal Body: Female Bodies in Changing Contexts of Normalization and Optimization
Julia Jansen, Maren Wehrle
4. How Do We Respond? Embodied Vulnerability and Forms of Responsiveness
Danielle Petherbridge
Part II. New Directions in Feminist Theory

Carrier, Martin - Science in the Context of Application, ebook

Science in the Context of Application

Carrier, Martin


Table of contents
1. Science in the Context of Application: Methodological Change, Conceptual Transformation, Cultural Reorientation
Martin Carrier, Alfred Nordmann
2. Knowledge, Politics, and Commerce: Science Under the Pressure of Practice
Martin Carrier
3. Between the Pure and Applied: The Search for the