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Gallagher, Shaun - Brainstorming, ebook


Gallagher, Shaun


The discussion throughout is illustrated by lengthy extracts from the author’s many interviews with his scientist colleagues on the relation between the mind and the brain.

Halpin, Harry - Philosophical Engineering: Toward a Philosophy of the Web, ebook

Philosophical Engineering: Toward a Philosophy of the Web

Halpin, Harry


Contains twelve essays that bridge the fields of philosophy, cognitive science, and phenomenologyTackles questions such as the impact of Google on intelligence and epistemology, the philosophical status of digital objects, ethics on the Web, semantic and ontological changes caused by the Web, and the potential

Wooster, Roger - Contemporary Theatre in Education, ebook

Contemporary Theatre in Education

Wooster, Roger


The projects are analysed and every TIE director interviewed about the work and the policies of their companies. It becomes very clear that that the distinction between TIE and Children’s Theatre is being blurred. Is it possible for the hybrid to survive? Or have

Davis, Oliver - Ranciere Now, ebook

Ranciere Now

Davis, Oliver

From 25,30€

The book also includes a brand new interview with Rancière, reflecting on his intellectual project and developing new lines of thought from his latest major work, Aisthesis.

Rancière Now will be essential reading for students and scholars across the