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Kincaid, Harold - Establishing Medical Reality, ebook

Establishing Medical Reality

Kincaid, Harold


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Harold Kincaid, Jennifer McKitrick
2. Normality, Disease and Enhancement
Theodore M. Benditt
3. Holistic Theories of Health as Applicable to Non-HumanLiving Beings
Lennart Nordenfelt
4. Disease and the Concept of Supervenience
Robert D’amico
5. Decision and

Goetz, Stewart - C. S. Lewis, ebook

C. S. Lewis

Goetz, Stewart


Lewis is the first book to develop a cohesive and holistic understanding of Lewis as a philosopher. In this groundbreaking project, Goetz explores how Lewis’s views on topics of lasting interest such as happiness, morality, the soul, human freedom, reason, and imagination

Harman, Graham - Immaterialism: Objects and Social Theory, ebook

Immaterialism: Objects and Social Theory

Harman, Graham


This book provides a key counterpoint to the now ubiquitous social theories of constant change, holistic networks, performative identities, and the construction of things by human practice. It will appeal to anyone interested in cutting-edge debates in philosophy and

Tymieniecka, A-T. - Sharing Poetic Expressions:, ebook

Sharing Poetic Expressions:

Tymieniecka, A-T.


Table of contents
1. The Aesthetics of Islamic Ethics
William C. Chittick
2. On Generosity East and West: The Beauty of Comparison
Patricia Trutty-Coohill
3. The Occidental Epic as Compared to the Islamic Epic
Jack Steele
4. Crossing the Spatiotemporal Dimension of Human Culture: Moral Sense of Justice

Bovenkerk, Bernice - Animal Ethics in the Age of Humans, ebook

Animal Ethics in the Age of Humans

Bovenkerk, Bernice


Between Individualistic Animal Ethics and Holistic Environmental Ethics Blurring the Boundaries
Bernice Bovenkerk, Marcel Verweij
23. Compassion as a Practical and Evolved Ethic for Conservation
Daniel Ramp, Marc Bekoff
24. Comment: We All Live in a

Dieks, Dennis - Explanation, Prediction, and Confirmation, ebook

Explanation, Prediction, and Confirmation

Dieks, Dennis


Table of contents
1. The No Miracles Intuition and the No Miracles Argument
John Worrall
2. The Scope and Limits of the No Miracles Argument1
Stathis Psillos
3. Causation, Association and Confirmation
Gregory Wheeler, Richard Scheines
4. An Objective Bayesian Account of Confirmation