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Voltolini, Alberto - How Ficta Follow Fiction, ebook

How Ficta Follow Fiction

Voltolini, Alberto


Table of contents
Part I. The Metaphysical Side
1. The Committal Theories (I)
2. The Committal Theories (II)
3. The Syncretistic Theory
4. Further Developments of the Syncretistic Theory
Part II. The Semantic Side
5. The Noncommittal…

Hookway, Christopher - Quine, ebook


Hookway, Christopher


An understanding of Quine's work is essential for anyone who wishes to follow contemporary debates in the philosophy of language, the philosophy of mind and metaphysics.
Hookway traces the development of Quine's work from his early criticisms of logical positivism

Hale, Bob - A Companion to the Philosophy of Language, ebook

A Companion to the Philosophy of Language

Hale, Bob


“Providing up-to-date, in-depth coverage of the central question, and written and edited by some of the foremost practitioners in the field, this timely new edition will no doubt be a go-to reference for anyone with a serious interest in the philosophy…

Fisher, Harwood - Schema Re-schematized, ebook

Schema Re-schematized

Fisher, Harwood


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Following the Kantian Dilemmas and Grand Conception
Harwood Fisher
2. Historical Crosscurrents and Conceptual Syntheses
Harwood Fisher
3. Concluding Issues and Implications
Harwood Fisher

Nietzsche, Friedrich - Beyond Good and Evil, ebook

Beyond Good and Evil

Nietzsche, Friedrich


Friedrich Nietzsche’s follow up to ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra’ expands on his earlier philosophical ideas, deriding past philosophies that placed too much importance on the concepts of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ and introduced his own concepts of the ‘will to power’ and the ‘perspective

Gracia, Jorge J. E. - A Companion to Philosophy in the Middle Ages, ebook

A Companion to Philosophy in the Middle Ages

Gracia, Jorge J. E.


Offers a refreshing mix of essays providing historical context followed by 140 alphabetically arranged entries on individual thinkers. Constitutes an extensively cross-referenced and indexed source. Written by a distinguished cast of philosophers. Spans the history

Hughes, David - Man Talk - The Manual, ebook

Man Talk - The Manual

Hughes, David


He is certainly never one to follow fashions blindly or to accept without thinking the views of those around him. He is always prepared to listen carefully to the arguments of others. He likes a good debate. He is always asking questions. Here he expounds the common-sense

Rudebusch, George - Socrates, ebook


Rudebusch, George


Socrates presents a compelling case for some life-changing conclusions that follow from a close reading of Socrates' arguments. Offers a highly original study of Socrates and his thought, accessible to contemporary readersArgues that through studying Socrates we can learn practical wisdom