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Fergusson, David - Scottish Philosophical Theology, ebook

Scottish Philosophical Theology

Fergusson, David


These include the following: the mutually beneficial cross-fertilisation of the disciplines of philosophy and theology; the tendency to eschew powerful philosophical systems that might threaten to imprison theological ideas; a stress on both the providential limitations

Wiredu, Kwasi - A Companion to African Philosophy, ebook

A Companion to African Philosophy

Wiredu, Kwasi


This volume of newly commissioned essays provides comprehensive coverage of African philosophy, ranging across disciplines and throughout the ages.
Offers a distinctive historical treatment of African philosophy. Covers all the main branches of philosophy as addressed in the African

Freeden, Michael - Ideology : A Very Short Introduction, ebook

Ideology : A Very Short Introduction

Freeden, Michael


The reader is introduced to their vitality and force, utilizing insights from a range of disciplines, and through examining the arguments of the main ideologies. - ;Ideology is one of the most controversial terms in the political vocabulary, exciting both revulsion

Khader, Jamil - Zizek Now: Current Perspectives in Zizek Studies, ebook

Zizek Now: Current Perspectives in Zizek Studies

Khader, Jamil


Arguably the most prolific and most widely read philosopher of our time, Slavoj Zizek has made indelible interventions into many disciplines of the so-called human sciences that have transformed the terms of discussion in these fields. Although his work has been the subject of many volumes

Warnke, Georgia - Gadamer: Hermeneutics, Tradition and Reason, ebook

Gadamer: Hermeneutics, Tradition and Reason

Warnke, Georgia

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His philosophical hermeneutics has had a major impact in a wide range of disciplines, including the social sciences, literary criticism, theology and jurisprudence. Truth and Method, his major work, is widely recognised to be one of the great classics of twentieth-century

Gill, Mary Louise - A Companion to Ancient Philosophy, ebook

A Companion to Ancient Philosophy

Gill, Mary Louise


Comprises an extensive collection of original essays, featuring contributions from both rising stars and senior scholars of ancient philosophy Integrates analytic and continental traditions Explores the development of various disciplines, such as mathematics, logic,