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Silverman, Henry - Research Ethics in the Arab Region, ebook

Research Ethics in the Arab Region

Silverman, Henry


What Kind of Research Ethics for the Arab Region?
Henry Silverman
4. Exploitation and the Matter of History
Robert Wachbroit
5. Research Involving Persons Likely to be Vulnerable
Nahed M. Ali
6. Ethical Issues Involving Informed Consent in the

Mertz, Marcel - Ethics and Governance of Biomedical Research, ebook

Ethics and Governance of Biomedical Research

Mertz, Marcel


Should Research Ethics Encourage the Production of Cost-Effective Interventions?
Govind Persad
3. From Altruists to Workers: What Claims Should Healthy Participants in Phase I Trials Have Against Trial Employers?
Rebecca A. Johnson
4. Nocebo Effects:

Cook, Julie - Ethics Dumping, ebook

Ethics Dumping

Cook, Julie


Social Science Research in a Humanitarian Emergency Context
Gwenaëlle Luc, Chiara Altare
3. International Genomics Research Involving the San People
Roger Chennells, Andries Steenkamp
4. Sex Workers Involved in

Brown, Jason W. - Metapsychology of the Creative Process, ebook

Metapsychology of the Creative Process

Brown, Jason W.


Modern research is not especially helpful in elucidating the inner process or its relation to ordinary thought. The present work comes from clinical studies of focal brain injuries that dissect unconscious cognition to reveal sub-surface