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Gaisbauer, Helmut P. - Ethical Issues in Poverty Alleviation, ebook

Ethical Issues in Poverty Alleviation

Gaisbauer, Helmut P.


Ethical Issues in Poverty Alleviation: Agents, Institutions and Policies
Helmut P. Gaisbauer, Gottfried Schweiger, Clemens Sedmak
Part I. Human Rights and Poverty Alleviation
2. Are We Violating the Human Rights of the World’s Poor?
Thomas Pogge

Wilkinson, Tony - Capitalism and Human Values, ebook

Capitalism and Human Values

Wilkinson, Tony


Capitalism is not enough. It has brought us prosperity and no other economic system can match its energy and innovation, but it has a dark side of exploitation and instability. Capitalism needs to be bounded by values. But which values? What indeed are…

Follesdal, Andreas - Real World Justice, ebook

Real World Justice

Follesdal, Andreas


World Poverty and Moral Responsibility
Ser-Min Shei
9. The Principle of Subsidiarity
Stefan Gosepath
10. “It's the Power, Stupid!” On the Unmentioned Precondition of Social Justice
Alessandro Pinzani
11. Egalitarian Global Distributive Justice

Cruysberghs, Paul - Philosophy and Religion in German Idealism, ebook

Philosophy and Religion in German Idealism

Cruysberghs, Paul


Table of contents
1. Philosophy of Religion After the Death of God
Walter Jaeschke
2. Kant on Religion in the Role of Moral Schematism
Martin Moors
3. “Wishful Thinking” Concerning Fichte’s Interpretation of the Postulates of Reason in His Versuch Einer Kritik Aller Offenbarung (1792)
Daniel Breazeale

Stacy, Helen M. - Economic Justice, ebook

Economic Justice

Stacy, Helen M.


Table of contents
1. Some Remarks on Hume’s Account of Property Including One Cheer for the Communist Manifesto
Charles Landesman
2. Rousseau on Poverty
Sally J. Scholz
3. Bentham and Payday Lenders
David Michael Jackson
4. Justice and Correctional Health Services
Kenneth Kipnis
5. Economic

Scapp, Ron - Living with Class, ebook

Living with Class

Scapp, Ron


When Prosperity Is Built on Poverty, There Can Be No Foundation for Peace, as Poverty and Peace Don’t Stand Hand in Hand
Pepi Leistyna
18. Solon the Athenian and the Origins of Class Struggle
Thomas Thorp

Pinstrup-Andersen, Per - Ethics, Hunger and Globalization, ebook

Ethics, Hunger and Globalization

Pinstrup-Andersen, Per


Eliminating Poverty and Hunger in Developing Countries: A Moral Imperative or Enlightened Self-Interest?
Per Pinstrup-Andersen
3. Ethics, Globalization, and Hunger: an Ethicist’s Perspective
Lou Marinoff
4. The Ethics of Hunger: Development Institutions

Goelman, Hillel - New Approaches to Early Child Development, ebook

New Approaches to Early Child Development

Goelman, Hillel


What We Learned about Poverty and Vulnerability
Mary Russell
5. Lessons from Community-University Partnerships with First Nations
Jessica Ball, Lucy Mare
6. What We Learned about Early Identification and Screening
Hillel Goelman, Laurie Ford, Mari