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Napier, Stephen - Persons, Moral Worth, and Embryos, ebook

Persons, Moral Worth, and Embryos

Napier, Stephen


Table of contents
1. Introduction: What Are Persons? What Is Valuable?
Stephen Napier
2. I Was Once a Fetus: That Is Why Abortion Is Wrong
Alexander R. Pruss
3. Brain Life and the Argument from Potential: Affirming the Ontological Status of Human Embryos and Fetuses
Jason T. Eberl, Brandon P. Brown

Wolfe, Charles T. - The Body as Object and Instrument of Knowledge, ebook

The Body as Object and Instrument of Knowledge

Wolfe, Charles T.


Victories for Empiricism, Failures for Theory: Medicine and Science in the Seventeenth Century
Harold J. Cook
3. Practical Experience in Anatomy
Cynthia Klestinec
4. Early Modern Empiricism and the Discourse of the Senses
Alan Salter
5. Alkahest