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Griffin, Roger - Fascism, ebook


Griffin, Roger


The word ‘fascism’ sometimes appears to have become a catch-all term of abuse, applicable to anyone on the political right, from Hitler to Donald Trump and from Putin to Thatcher. While some argue that it lacks any distinctive conceptual meaning at…

Finchelstein, Federico - Ex Captivitate Salus: Experiences, 1945 - 47, ebook

Ex Captivitate Salus: Experiences, 1945 - 47

Finchelstein, Federico


In Ex Captivitate Salus, or Deliverance from Captivity, Schmitt considers a range of issues relating to history and political theory as well as recent events, including the Nazi defeat and the newly emerging Cold War. Schmitt often urged his readers to view

Johnson, Peter - A Philosopher and Appeasement, ebook

A Philosopher and Appeasement

Johnson, Peter


This book is volume one of a two-part series. Taken together, the two volumes of A Philosopher at War examine the political thought of the philosopher and archaeologist, R.G. Collingwood, against the background of the First and Second World Wars. Collingwood…

Rubenfeld, Sheldon - Medicine after the Holocaust, ebook

Medicine after the Holocaust

Rubenfeld, Sheldon


Medicine during the Nazi Period: Historical Facts and Some Implications for Teaching Medical Ethics and Professionalism
Volker Roelcke
4. Academic Medicine during the Nazi Period: The Implications for Creating Awareness

Gibbard, Allan - Reconciling Our Aims : In Search of Bases for Ethics, ebook

Reconciling Our Aims : In Search of Bases for Ethics

Gibbard, Allan


When the Nazis seized power two years after the trial, friends and family urged Litten to flee the country. He stayed and was sent to the concentration camps, where he worked on translations of medieval German poetry, shared the money and food he was sent by his wealthy family, and taught