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Lee, Shui Chuen - The Family, Medical Decision-Making, and Biotechnology, ebook

The Family, Medical Decision-Making, and Biotechnology

Lee, Shui Chuen


Table of contents
1. Medicine and the Biomedical Technologies in the Context of Asian Perspectives
Shui Chuen Lee, Justin Ho
2. Confucian Familism and its Bioethical Implications
Ruiping Fan
3. The Family in Transition and in Authority
H. Tristram Engelhardt
4. Family Life, Bioethics and Confucianism

Braver, Lee - Heidegger: Thinking of Being, ebook

Heidegger: Thinking of Being

Braver, Lee


In this compelling book, Lee Braver cuts through the jargon to present Heidegger’s ideas in clear English, using illuminating examples and explications of thorny passages. In so doing, he offers readers an accessible overview of Heidegger’s entire

Pritchard, Duncan - The Philosophy of Luck, ebook

The Philosophy of Luck

Pritchard, Duncan


This is the first volume of its kind to provide a curated collection of cutting-edge scholarship on the philosophy of luck
Offers an in-depth examination of the concept of luck, which has often been overlooked in philosophical study Includes discussions…

Coliva, Annalisa - Epistemic Pluralism, ebook

Epistemic Pluralism

Coliva, Annalisa


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Annalisa Coliva, Nikolaj Jang Lee Linding Pedersen
Part I. Epistemic Pluralism: Methodological Issues
2. Explicationist Epistemology and Epistemic Pluralism
Erik J. Olsson
3. Pure Epistemic Pluralism
Nikolaj Jang Lee Linding Pedersen
4. A Plea for Epistemic Monism

Baird, Davis - Philosophy Of Chemistry, ebook

Philosophy Of Chemistry

Baird, Davis


Table of contents
Section I. Chemistry and the Philosophy of Chemistry
1. Introduction
Davis Baird, Eric Scerri, Lee McIntyre
2. The Philosophy of Chemistry
Joachim Schummer
Section II. Chemistry and the History and Philosophy of Science
3. Aristole’s Theory of Chemical Reaction and Chemical Substances

Stacy, Helen M. - Economic Justice, ebook

Economic Justice

Stacy, Helen M.


Table of contents
1. Some Remarks on Hume’s Account of Property Including One Cheer for the Communist Manifesto
Charles Landesman
2. Rousseau on Poverty
Sally J. Scholz
3. Bentham and Payday Lenders
David Michael Jackson

Halpin, Harry - Philosophical Engineering: Toward a Philosophy of the Web, ebook

Philosophical Engineering: Toward a Philosophy of the Web

Halpin, Harry


Contains twelve essays that bridge the fields of philosophy, cognitive science, and phenomenologyTackles questions such as the impact of Google on intelligence and epistemology, the philosophical status of digital objects, ethics on the Web, semantic and ontological changes caused by the Web, and the potential

Lee, Kok Yong - Philosophical Logic: Current Trends in Asia, ebook

Philosophical Logic: Current Trends in Asia

Lee, Kok Yong


Table of contents
1. Representing and Completing Lattices by Propositions of Cover Systems
Robert Goldblatt
2. A Uniform Algebraic Approach to Cut Elimination via Semi-completeness
Hiroakira Ono
3. Ancient Indian Logic, Pakṣa and…

Irwin, William - Iron Man and Philosophy: Facing the Stark Reality, ebook

Iron Man and Philosophy: Facing the Stark Reality

Irwin, William

From 18,80€

The first look at the philosophy behind the Iron Man comics and movies, timed for the release of Iron Man 2 in March 2010
On the surface, Iron Man appears to be a straightforward superhero, another rich guy fighting crime with fancy gadgets. But beneath…