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Braver, Lee - Heidegger: Thinking of Being, ebook

Heidegger: Thinking of Being

Braver, Lee


The first half of the book presents a guide through Being and Time, Heidegger’s early masterpiece, while the second half covers the key themes of his later writing, including technology, subjectivity, history, nihilism, agency, and the nature of thought itself.

Gutting, Gary - Continental Philosophy of Science, ebook

Continental Philosophy of Science

Gutting, Gary


Continental Philosophy of Science provides an expert guide to the major twentieth-century French and German philosophical thinking on science.
A comprehensive introduction by the editor provides a unified interpretative survey of continental work

Habermas, Jürgen - The Future of Human Nature, ebook

The Future of Human Nature

Habermas, Jürgen


His analysis is guided by the view that genetic manipulation is bound up with the identity and self-understanding of the species. We cannot rule out the possibility that knowledge of one's own hereditary factors may prove to be restrictive for the choice of an individual's