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Sandford, Stella - Plato and Sex, ebook

Plato and Sex

Sandford, Stella

From 25,30€

Including critical readings of the theories of sex and sexuation in Freud and Lacan, and relating such theories to Plato’s writings, Plato and Sex both questions our assumptions about sex and explains how those assumptions have coloured our understanding

Santayana, George - Some Turns of Though on Modern Philosophy, ebook

Some Turns of Though on Modern Philosophy

Santayana, George


This book contains five essays on modern philosophy, and over the years has come to be a very well respected collection. This version has been specially formatted for today's e-readers by Andrews UK, and contains the original author's supplementary notes,…

Teichman, Jenny - The Philosophy of War and Peace, ebook

The Philosophy of War and Peace

Teichman, Jenny


This book considers historical and current events from the standpoint of moral philosophy. It describes: real wars and the ways in which they have or have not been fought according to principles of justice; terrorism, torture and the effects of scientific…

Blumenau, Ralph - Philosophy and Living, ebook

Philosophy and Living

Blumenau, Ralph

From 21,30€

Philosophy can be very abstract and apparently remote from our everyday concerns. In this book Ralph Blumenau brings out for the non-specialist the bearing that thinkers of the past have on the way we live now, on the attitude we have towards our lives,…

Seitz, Brian - Intersubjectivity and the Double, ebook

Intersubjectivity and the Double

Seitz, Brian


Table of contents
1. The Politics of Intersubjectivity: Representation and the Double
Brian Seitz
2. Philosophy’s Use and Abuse of the Double: Plato and Kant
Brian Seitz
3. Precisely Not Me: The Deuce in Dostoevsky
Brian Seitz
4. Proximities to Death: Freud’s Archaic Doubles
Brian Seitz