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Forsström, Riikka - Possible worlds, ebook

Possible worlds

Forsström, Riikka


The utopian novel L´An deux mille quatre cent quarante. Rêve s´il en fut jamais by the French author Louis-Sébastien Mercier (1740-1814) was the first imaginary portrayal of an ideal society projected into the remote future. It reveals a vision…

Ahearne, Jeremy - Michel de Certeau: Interpretation and Its Other, ebook

Michel de Certeau: Interpretation and Its Other

Ahearne, Jeremy


Since his death in 1986, Michel de Certeau's reputation as a thinker has steadily grown both in France and throughout the English-speaking world. His work is extraordinarily innovative and wide-ranging, cutting across issues in historiography, literary and cultural studies, anthropology,

Santinello, Giovanni - Models of the History of Philosophy, ebook

Models of the History of Philosophy

Santinello, Giovanni


The Histories of Philosophy in France in the Age of Descartes
Gregorio Piaia
2. Philosophical Historiography in France from Bayle to Deslandes
Gregorio Piaia
3. A “Critical” History of Philosophy and the Early

Elden, Stuart - Foucault: The Birth of Power, ebook

Foucault: The Birth of Power

Elden, Stuart


What accounts for the radical shift in Foucault?s approach?
Foucault?s time in Tunisia had been a political awakening for him, and he returned to a France much changed by the turmoil of 1968. He taught at the experimental University of Vincennes and then moved

Dupont, Christian - Phenomenology in French Philosophy: Early Encounters, ebook

Phenomenology in French Philosophy: Early Encounters

Dupont, Christian


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Christian Dupont
2. Precursors to the Reception of Phenomenology in France, 1889–1909
Christian Dupont
3. Four Phases in the Reception of Phenomenology in French Philosophy, 1910–1939
Christian Dupont
4. Receptions of Phenomenological Insights in French Religious

Green, Karen - Virtue Ethics for Women 1250-1500, ebook

Virtue Ethics for Women 1250-1500

Green, Karen


Appearing Virtuous: Christine de Pizan’s Le Livre des trois vertus and Anne de France’s Les Enseignements d’Anne de France
Tracy Adams
9. Weaving Virtue: Laura Cereta as a New Penelope