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Brink, Alexander - Corporate Governance and Business Ethics, ebook

Corporate Governance and Business Ethics

Brink, Alexander


The Firm as a Nexus of Stakeholders: Stakeholder Management and Theory of the Firm
Josef Wieland
11. Corporate Governance, Ethics and Sustainable Development
Aloy Soppe
12. Triadic Stakeholder Theory Revisited
Alexei M. Marcoux
13. Corporate

Koehn, Daryl - Aesthetics and Business Ethics, ebook

Aesthetics and Business Ethics

Koehn, Daryl


The Impoverished Aesthetic of Modern Management: Beauty and Ethics in Organizations
Steven S. Taylor
4. Literature and the Canonical Values of Capitalism
Christopher M. Michaelson
Part II. Initiating Reform
5. The Artist and the Ethicist: Character

Hamington, Maurice - Applying Care Ethics to Business, ebook

Applying Care Ethics to Business

Hamington, Maurice


Moving Toward a More Caring Stakeholder Theory: Global Business Ethics in Dialogue with the Feminist Ethics of Care
Daniel E. Palmer, Mary Lyn Stoll
7. Elucidating the Role of Care in Ethical Decision-Making and Action
Sheldene Simola
8. Care Ethics

Bowie, Norman - Business Ethics in the 21st Century, ebook

Business Ethics in the 21st Century

Bowie, Norman


Table of contents
Part I. Economic Issues in Business Ethics
1. Fair Markets Revisited
Norman E. Bowie
2. What’s Wrong with Efficiency and Always Low Prices
Norman E. Bowie
3. Economics, Friend or Foe of Ethics
Norman E. Bowie
Part II. Philosophical Issues in Business
4. Kantian Themes