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Oakeshott, Michael - What Is History?, ebook

What Is History?

Oakeshott, Michael


There are two new essays on the philosophy of education, and the essay which gives the work its title, ‘What is History?’, is just one of over half a dozen discussions of the nature of historical knowledge. Oakeshott’s later sceptical, ‘hermeneutic’, thought

O'Sullivan, Luke - Oakeshott on History, ebook

Oakeshott on History

O'Sullivan, Luke


This book challenges the common view that Michael Oakeshott was mainly important as a political philosopher by offering the first comprehensive study of his ideas on history. It argues that Oakeshott's writings on the philosophy of history mark him out

Peters, Rik - History as Thought and Action, ebook

History as Thought and Action

Peters, Rik


On the basis of published and unpublished writings this study carefully reconstructs their debate on the relationship between thought and action, following their explorations of art, history, philosophy and action in the context of the First World War and the rise

Oakeshott, Michael - Lectures in the History of Political Thought, ebook

Lectures in the History of Political Thought

Oakeshott, Michael


Oakeshott’s memorable lectures on the history of political thought, delivered each year at the London School of Economics, will now be available in print for the first time as Volume II of his Selected Writings. Based on manuscripts in the LSE archive for 1966–67, the last year of Oakeshott’s

Sterenberg, Matthew - Mythic Thinking in Twentieth-Century Britain, ebook

Mythic Thinking in Twentieth-Century Britain

Sterenberg, Matthew


Table of contents
1. Myth and the Modern Problem
Matthew Sterenberg
2. Golden Boughs, Fairy Books, and Holy Grails: The Making of a Myth-Saturated Culture
Matthew Sterenberg
3. “The Grail Is Stirring”: Modernist Mysticism, the Matter of Britain, and the Quest for Spiritual Renewal
Matthew Sterenberg

Jeffs, Rory - 100 years of European Philosophy Since the Great War, ebook

100 years of European Philosophy Since the Great War

Jeffs, Rory


The Divide Between Philosophy and Enthusiasm: The Effect of the World Wars on British Attitudes Towards Continental Philosophies
Sherah Bloor
12. Philosophy and/or Politics? Two Trajectories of Philosophy After the Great War and Their Contamination

Oakeshott, Michael - The Vocabulary of a Modern European State, ebook

The Vocabulary of a Modern European State

Oakeshott, Michael


The Vocabulary of a Modern European State is the companion volume to The Concept of a Philosophical Jurisprudence and completes the enterprise of gathering together Oakeshott’s previously scattered essays and reviews. As with all the other volumes in…

Hillyer, Richard - Hobbes and His Poetic Contemporaries, ebook

Hobbes and His Poetic Contemporaries

Hillyer, Richard


Table of contents
1. “How He Did Grow”: Hobbes, Hobbes, and Hobbes
Richard Hillyer
2. “To Governe the Reader”: Hobbes and Davenant
Richard Hillyer
3. “Plain Magick”: Hobbes and Cowley
Richard Hillyer
4. “Joynt…