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Afolayan, Adeshina - The Palgrave Handbook of African Philosophy, ebook

The Palgrave Handbook of African Philosophy

Afolayan, Adeshina


Introduction: Rethinking African Philosophy in the Age of Globalization
Adeshina Afolayan, Toyin Falola
Part I. Preliminaries and Reappraisals
2. African Philosophy: Appraisal of a Recurrent Problematic
Godfrey Tangwa
3. Archaeologies of African

Cherry, Mark J. - The death of metaphysics; the death of culture, ebook

The death of metaphysics; the death of culture

Cherry, Mark J.


Subversive Natural Law: MacIntyre and African-American Thought
Thomas S. Hibbs
7. Is there a Distinctive American Version of Natural Law?
Griffin Trotter
8. Why did the Principle of Double Effect Appear in the West?
William J. Zanardi

Taylor, Paul C. - Black is Beautiful: A Philosophy of Black Aesthetics, ebook

Black is Beautiful: A Philosophy of Black Aesthetics

Taylor, Paul C.


The first extended philosophical treatment of an important subject that has been almost entirely neglected by philosophical aesthetics and philosophy of art Takes an important step in assembling black aesthetics as an object of philosophical study Unites two areas of scholarship for the first time

Cordeiro-Rodrigues, Luís - Animals, Race, and Multiculturalism, ebook

Animals, Race, and Multiculturalism

Cordeiro-Rodrigues, Luís


Political Liberalism, Human Cultures, and Nonhuman Lives
Angie Pepper
4. Is Multiculturalism Good for Animals?
Maneesha Deckha
5. Legal Protection for Whales: Capabilities, Entitlements, and Culture
Rachel Nussbaum Wichert, Martha C. Nussbaum

Young, James O. - Cultural Appropriation and the Arts, ebook

Cultural Appropriation and the Arts

Young, James O.


Cultural appropriation is a pervasive feature of the contemporary world (the Parthenon Marbles remain in London; white musicians from Bix Beiderbeck to Eric Clapton have appropriated musical styles from African-American culture)

Braembussche, Antoon - Intercultural Aesthetics, ebook

Intercultural Aesthetics

Braembussche, Antoon


Living (with) Art: The African Aesthetic Worldview as an Inspiration for the Western Philosophy of Art
Heinz Kimmerle
5. The Origins of Landscape Painting: An Intercultural Perspective
Heinz Paetzold
6. Nishida, Aesthetics, and the Limits of Cultural