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Lovat, Terence - Life and Death Decisions in the Clinical Setting, ebook

Life and Death Decisions in the Clinical Setting

Lovat, Terence


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Current Dilemma and the Need for Moral Philosophy
Paul Walker, Terence Lovat
2. Traditional Approaches to Ethical Decision Making
Paul Walker, Terence Lovat
3. Balancing Old and New Approaches: Principlism Versus Proportionism
Paul Walker, Terence Lovat
4. The

Adorno, Theodor W. - Ontology and Dialectics 1960-61, ebook

Ontology and Dialectics 1960-61

Adorno, Theodor W.


Adorno’s lectures on ontology and dialectics from 1960–61 comprise his most sustained and systematic analysis of Heidegger’s philosophy. They also represent a continuation of a project that he shared with Walter Benjamin – ‘to demolish Heidegger’.…

Creed Meredith, James - Critique of Judgement, ebook

Critique of Judgement

Creed Meredith, James


Kant's Critique of Judgement analyses our experience of the beautiful and the sublime in relation to nature, morality, and theology. Meredith's classic translation is here lightly revised and supplemented with a bilingual glossary. The edition also includes…