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Mason, Mark - Critical Thinking and Learning, ebook

Critical Thinking and Learning

Mason, Mark


By introducing current debates in the field of critical thinking and posing new questions from contributing scholars, Critical Thinking and Learning examines the received wisdom in the field of critical thinking and learning. Examines the different

Lin, Meihwa - The Learning Annex Presents Feng Shui, ebook

The Learning Annex Presents Feng Shui

Lin, Meihwa


The Learning Annex Presents Feng Shui packs all the knowledge, tools, and special tips of a Learning Annex seminar into a book with answers to questions like:
* What is feng shui?
* What are its basic principles?

Gopnik, Alison - Causal Learning: Psychology, Philosophy, and Computation, ebook

Causal Learning: Psychology, Philosophy, and Computation

Gopnik, Alison


Infants' Causal Learning: Intervention, Observation, Imitation, Andrew N. Meltzoff 3. Detecting Causal Structure: The Role of Intervention in Infants' Understanding of Psychological and Physical Causal Relations, Jessica A. Sommerville 4. An Interventionist Approach