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Hachten, William A. - The World News Prism: Digital, Social and Interactive, ebook

The World News Prism: Digital, Social and Interactive

Hachten, William A.


Now available in a fully revised and updated ninth edition, World News Prism provides in-depth analysis of the changing role of transnational news media in the 21st-century.
Includes three new chapters on Russia, Brazil, and India and a revised chapter on the Middle East written by

Maras, Steven - Objectivity in Journalism, ebook

Objectivity in Journalism

Maras, Steven

From 23,75€

Objectivity in journalism is a key topic for debate in media, communication and journalism studies, and has been the subject of intensive historical and sociological research. In the first study of its kind, Steven Maras surveys the different viewpoints and perspectives on objectivity. Going