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Davis, Craig S. - The Middle East For Dummies<sup>&#174;</sup>, ebook

The Middle East For Dummies®

Davis, Craig S.


Demystifies the area's culture, politics, and religions
Explore Middle Eastern history from ancient to modern times
Looking to better understand the Middle East? This plain-English guide explains the importance of the region, especially in light of recent events. You'll meet its people and their leaders, discover the differences

Garrison, Larry - Breaking Into Acting For Dummies<sup>&#174;</sup>, ebook

Breaking Into Acting For Dummies®

Garrison, Larry


Provides the expert advice you need to get your big break!
Jump-start your career and land that paying part
From preparing for auditions to finding an agent, the acting business is a challenging and competitive field. This indispensable guide is what every aspiring actor needs to get a foot in the door. Discover how to

Kushner, Malcolm - Public Speaking For Dummies, ebook

Public Speaking For Dummies

Kushner, Malcolm


Tried-and-true tips for dazzling your audience
Conquer your public speaking jitters and deliver a dynamite speech
Anxious about public speaking? Have no fear! Use this friendly guide as your personal arsenal of tools to overcome stage fright and build a rapport with your audience. From researching your topic and preparing

McFedries, Paul - iPhone 4 Portable Genius, ebook

iPhone 4 Portable Genius

McFedries, Paul


Genius icons present smart or innovative ways to do something; in many cases, this will be a way that readers can save time or hassle. A smaller trim size makes it handy, but also easy for readers to find essential information on the hottest tips and tricks for their