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Barden, Pamela - The Complete Guide to Fundraising Management, ebook

The Complete Guide to Fundraising Management

Barden, Pamela


The real-world guide to successfully funding your nonprofit program
The Complete Guide to Fundraising Management is the comprehensive handbook for successful fundraising, with a practical focus that applies across the nonprofit sector. With a focus

Baur, Michael - A Companion to Hegel, ebook

A Companion to Hegel

Baur, Michael


A comprehensive guide to one of the most important modern philosophersEssays are written in an accessible manner and draw on the most up-to-date Hegel researchContributions are drawn from across the world and from a wide variety

Ashihara, Hiroshi - Plant Metabolism and Biotechnology, ebook

Plant Metabolism and Biotechnology

Ashihara, Hiroshi


Various plant metabolites are useful for human life, and the induction and reduction of these metabolites using modern biotechnical technique is of enormous potential important especially in the fields of agriculture and health. Plant Metabolism and