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Goldstein, Jack - 1001 Amazing Jokes, ebook

1001 Amazing Jokes

Goldstein, Jack


Do you want a joke for every situation? Are you sure you're prepared for the moment when your audience's heads fall off and their sides split? Master of comedy Jack Goldstein is proud to present this collection of 1001 of the funniest jokes in the history of the world. There’s a food joke

Blum, Marcy - Weddings For Dummies, Mini Edition, ebook

Weddings For Dummies, Mini Edition

Blum, Marcy


Get the most for your money — plan your dream wedding on a budget
This friendly guide gets you started on all the wedding basics, from the moment someone proposes. It includes helpful tips on creating a budget and tracking expenses as well as money-saving advice for negotiating contracts

Cowlin, Chris - The British TV Sitcom Quiz Book, ebook

The British TV Sitcom Quiz Book

Cowlin, Chris


From Steptoe and Son, Dad s Army and Porridge to Absolutely Fabulous, The Office, and My Family, this book is bulging with facts that will refresh your memory and help you to recapture some of those magical moments in situation comedy. With a fitting foreword by Brian