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Sargeant, Adrian - Fundraising Principles and Practice, ebook

Fundraising Principles and Practice

Sargeant, Adrian


From leading fundraising professor Sargeant with contributions from top scholars, this definitive text provides nonprofit professionals, professors, and students with access to the most relevant theories on the vital topic of fundraising. In addition…

Holt, Jennifer - Media Industries: History, Theory, and Method, ebook

Media Industries: History, Theory, and Method

Holt, Jennifer


capitalizes on the current social and cultural environment of unprecedented technical change, convergence, and globalization across a range of textual, institutional and theoretical perspectivesbrings together newly commissioned essays by leading scholars in film,

Rounds, Jerald L. - Construction Supervision, ebook

Construction Supervision

Rounds, Jerald L.


This book covers all supervisory situations one is likely to encounter on a commercial, industrial, or institutional construction project. The book is based upon a very successful Electrical Project Supervision (EPS) training program developed by Rounds and Segner for the National Electrical

Pederson, William D. - A Companion to Franklin D. Roosevelt, ebook

A Companion to Franklin D. Roosevelt

Pederson, William D.


Represents a state-of-the-art assessment of current scholarship on FDR, the only president elected to four terms of office and the central figure in key events of the first half of the 20th centuryCovers all aspects of FDR's life and times, from his health, relationships, and Supreme Court packing, to

Waisbord, Silvio - Communication: A Post-Discipline, ebook

Communication: A Post-Discipline

Waisbord, Silvio


What brings communication studies together is an institutional architecture of academic units, professional associations, and journals, rather than a shared commitment to a common body of knowledge, questions, and debates. This should not, Waisbord argues, be a matter