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Griffin, Hedley - A Harey Day at the Seaside, ebook

A Harey Day at the Seaside

Griffin, Hedley


He climbs the cliff and falls, cuts his feet on some broken glass, digs a big cave in the sand and almost suffocates when the sides fall in, goes swimming out of his depth while ignoring the warning flags and nearly drowns

Knight, Julian - The Royal Wedding For Dummies, ebook

The Royal Wedding For Dummies

Knight, Julian


Content includes:A brief biography of the happy couple - of course Royal wedding fact sheets featuring in-depth explanations of the customs, rules of etiquette, and history on display during the events An inside look at Westminster Abbey - the building, the history, and the weddings A lively account

Coles, Richard - Food and Beverage Packaging Technology, ebook

Food and Beverage Packaging Technology

Coles, Richard


Key Features:An up-to-date and comprehensive handbook on the most important sector of packaging technologyLinks methods of food preservation to the packaging requirements of the common types of food and the available food packagesCovers all the key packaging materials - glass,

Shelby, Barry - Scotland For Dummies, ebook

Scotland For Dummies

Shelby, Barry


Andrews in the country credited with developing the sport Touring Sir Walter Scott's mansion, Abbotsford, with it's incredible library, relics, and mementos, or paying homage to poet Robert Burns at numerous sites Shopping for everything from fine wool knits to Caithness glass