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Casper, Drew - Hollywood Film 1963-1976: Years of Revolution and Reaction, ebook

Hollywood Film 1963-1976: Years of Revolution and Reaction

Casper, Drew


Exploring the many ideologies embraced by an increasingly diverse Hollywood, Casper offers a comprehensive canon, covering the period's classics as well as its brilliant but overlooked masterpieces.A broad overview and analysis of one of American film's most important

Burrell, David B. - Towards a Jewish-Christian-Muslim Theology, ebook

Towards a Jewish-Christian-Muslim Theology

Burrell, David B.


 Explores the development of the three Abrahamic traditions, brilliantly showing the way in which they have struggled with similar issues over the centuriesShows how the approach of each tradition can be used comparatively by the other traditions to illuminate

Kranz, Jonathan - Writing CopyFor Dummies, ebook

Writing CopyFor Dummies

Kranz, Jonathan


Tips on writing to consumers and business-to-business

Create captivating, results-oriented, sales-generating copy

Need to produce winning copy for your business? This fast, fun guide takes you through every step of a successful copywriting project, from direct mail, print ads, and radio spots to Web