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Mee, Steve - Valuing People with a Learning Disability, ebook

Valuing People with a Learning Disability

Mee, Steve


Most health and social care service providers claim to ‘value’ those with a learning disability. Yet there can sometimes be a huge gulf between stated intentions and what happens in everyday practice. In a few cases that have recently hit the headlines, there have even been allegations

Handley, Bill - Speed Learning for Kids, ebook

Speed Learning for Kids

Handley, Bill


Often, they're simply better at learning. Speed Learning for Kids helps you teach your child how to thrive at school by learning more in less time with less effort. The brain-training techniques

Jones, Sally - Learning Persuasive Writing and Argument, ebook

Learning Persuasive Writing and Argument

Jones, Sally


It contains material suitable for SATS examinations, for those taking 11+ entrance examinations and for students learning English as a foreign language. Creative Writing will guide students through the story writing process, as if they had a tutor by their side. This