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Jacobs, Sheri - Membership Rules! The Art of Selling What Matters, ebook

Membership Rules! The Art of Selling What Matters

Jacobs, Sheri

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This short form original eBook is an extension of Sheri's speaking engagements. It opens with an introduction to Sheri's key principles/rules of membership which will be expanded upon in much greater detail with examples in the full-length book publishing in January 2014.
This original,

Fox, Sue - Wedding Etiquette For Dummies, ebook

Wedding Etiquette For Dummies

Fox, Sue


You get plenty of proven advice and tips for everything from who pays for the wedding and properly announcing the engagement to hosting events leading up to the wedding and dealing with destination wedding snags and pitfalls. You'll even see how to gracefully handle

Baldwin, John R. - Intercultural Communication for Everyday Life, ebook

Intercultural Communication for Everyday Life

Baldwin, John R.

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Provides a thorough introduction to inter- and cross-cultural concepts for beginning students with a focus on practical application and social action Defines “communication” broadly using authors from a variety of sub disciplines and incorporating scientific, humanistic, and critical