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Groves, Robert M. - Survey Methodology, ebook

Survey Methodology

Groves, Robert M.


it should find an audience everywhere surveys are being conducted."
This new edition of Survey Methodology continues to provide a state-of-the-science presentation of essential survey

Korn, Edward L. - Analysis of Health Surveys, ebook

Analysis of Health Surveys

Korn, Edward L.


How to apply statistical methods to survey data--a guide to effective analysis of health surveys.
With large health surveys becoming increasingly available for public use, researchers with little experience in survey

Cox, Brenda G. - Business Survey Methods, ebook

Business Survey Methods

Cox, Brenda G.


Describes current methods along with innovative research and presents new technologies for solving problems unique to establishment surveys. Stages of the survey process are addressed in the first five parts with cross-cutting topics in the last section.

Lyberg, Lars E. - Survey Measurement and Process Quality, ebook

Survey Measurement and Process Quality

Lyberg, Lars E.


An in-depth look at current issues, new research findings, and interdisciplinary exchange in survey methodology and processing
Survey Measurement and Process Quality extends the marriage of traditional survey issues and continuous quality improvement

Groves, Robert M. - Nonresponse in Household Interview Surveys, ebook

Nonresponse in Household Interview Surveys

Groves, Robert M.


A comprehensive framework for both reduction of nonresponse and postsurvey adjustment for nonresponse
This book provides guidance and support for survey statisticians who need to develop models for postsurvey adjustment for nonresponse, and for survey

Bethlehem, Jelke - Wiley Handbook of Web Surveys, ebook

Wiley Handbook of Web Surveys

Bethlehem, Jelke


Handbook of Web Surveys presents a self-contained guide to methodological issues related to web surveys, covering both theoretical and practical aspects of the topic. The book first approaches the subject of web survey

Bethlehem, Jelke - Handbook of Nonresponse in Household Surveys, ebook

Handbook of Nonresponse in Household Surveys

Bethlehem, Jelke

From 192,95€

A comprehensive, one-stop guide to identifying, reducing, and managing nonresponse in household surveys
Nonresponse and its impact on the sample selection mechanism of a survey is a common problem that often arises while collecting survey data. Handbook

Johnson, Timothy P. - Handbook of Health Survey Methods, ebook

Handbook of Health Survey Methods

Johnson, Timothy P.


A comprehensive guidebook to the current methodologies and practices used in health surveys
A unique and self-contained resource, Handbook of Health Survey Methods presents techniques necessary for confronting challenges that are specific to health survey